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summer bodies are made in the winter

summer bodies are made in the winter

| by Maija Bisett | Posted in Milton Keynes Health & Fitness


 We have had our first frosty mornings, and the big C is just weeks away. So why on earth should we start thinking about our summer bodies?

After the festive season, media will start talking about holidays and in January most of us start to plan our holidays. According to industry statistics, of all the holidays booked, January and February see 30-50% of them. There are many reasons for this and the biggest one is that new year bring with the new holiday year for many businesses.

Many of us think after booking that we want to look our best on holiday, but something always crops up. Before you know it, it is eight weeks till holiday and one feels blah. That’s when the miracle diets come up. Everyone tries the latest fads, many join slimming/weight loss programmes and many dust of the gym membership cards.

What if you could prepare yourself for the holiday months in advance? And without a last minute mad diet?

That’s when we step in. We want you to be health 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months of the year. Fitness is an all year around thing, not just a before the holiday thing.

The media has a twisted idea of beach ready bodies – there are always endless amount of pictures of celebrities in bikini in some amazing destination and they always look in a bikini. And we wonder why that isn’t us? You have to remember that is not real life. Most of us cannot go on holiday once a month, do not have personal chefs/nutritionists/team of pts etc.

But fear not, there is help to be had! Starting a sensible fitness plan with a qualified coach is the answer. By slowly increasing your exercise and having a look at your eating habits can make the world of difference.

We believe that one’s health is like a car and the four tyres are the cornerstones: nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotional/mental health. When all those are in order, one is healthy. We can help you with all aspects of them. We cannot work miracles – but if you are willing to trust us and give things ago, the changes will come!

If you are already doing exercise, great! But let me ask you this: is it challenging you? If not, then answer this - Is the programme the same day after day? If the answer is yes, maybe you need to have a word with your trainer. Our bodies are amazing machines. But too much of the same thing is not going to give you different answers. What we need to do to maximise fat burning and muscle building is keep changing our workouts. We do not mean big changes, just subtle ones. For example, if you like running on the treadmill daily for 30 minutes, why not add sprints to it? If you like lifting weights, why not work on different muscles?

When it comes to nutrition, winter can play havoc with our food. Cold days makes us crave for more stodgier foods. This is due to our evolution. Think about it – we were once living from meal to meal in the cold caves. We needed to be fatter in the winter to keep ourselves warm. But as we became better at storing food, having better clothes and dwellings, need for fattening up has disappeared. But the evolution has not quite caught with that yet!

Our top tips to get your bikini body over winter are:

Find a trainer/exercise system you like
Devise a sensible training plan
Look at your nutrition and if needed adapt your nutritional habits
Get enough sleep
Look after yourself

Remember, have fun! If your exercise routine and diet are boring, they may not be for you!

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