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Ten reasons we should all be doing yoga! - Kirsty Lowe

Ten reasons we should all be doing yoga! - Kirsty Lowe

| by Kirsty Lowe | Posted in Milton Keynes Health & Fitness


Yoga brings a myriad of benefits to those who practice it. From easing pain, to reducing stress and helping us maintain a healthy weight, take a look at the following ten reasons we should all be doing yoga.


1. It’s a potent stress buster

Exercise has long been proven to be a positive way of eliminating stress and none more so than yoga. Studies show that practicing yoga regularly can lower the blood pressure and reduce stress levels. Being engrossed in a yoga session provides us with some much-needed personal time to relax, unwind and forget about our worries and stress.

2. Enjoy better sleep

Any kind of physical exertion leaves our bodies in need of rest. As well as being an effective form of physical exercise, yoga helps to declutter and calm the mind, diminishing many of the niggling thoughts that can prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep!

3. Improves the circulation

By lowering the blood pressure, yoga can improve the circulation of blood around the body and the general respiratory function.

4. Helps ease pain

We all suffer from niggles and pain from time to time. Whether it’s back pain, knee, neck or another type of pain you are suffering from, carrying out yoga moves correctly and regularly can help relieve pain and bring a sense of relief.

5. Boost brain function

Regular yoga sessions can help improve cognitive function Click To Tweet

A report in Runner’s World notes how yoga can sharpen the memory, boost brain function and improve reaction time post-workout.

6. A better sex life!

A study compiled by Harvard showed that yoga could boost arousal, desire and the general sexual satisfaction in women. By being more familiar with their own bodies, practicing yoga can help improve women’s sex lives, according to a series of studies published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.

7. An incredibly healthy way to lose weight

If you’re attending yoga classes with the intention of losing weight, head on down to a hot yoga class! Hot yoga gets the sweat pouring from the body and burns the same number of calories as swimming or cycling, around 400 calories an hour!

Other yoga classes, such as our Slow Flow sessions, might not be as strenuous as hot yoga but will nonetheless burn some calories and tone the body. Even totally sedate, restorative classes, such as our Flex class, which have no vigorous movement, will help with weight loss by reducing the cortisol in the body, the hormone released when we are stressed which has been associated with weight gain.

8. Improves balance and flexibility

One of the principle benefits of yoga is that it improves core stability and balance. Practicing yoga moves also helps strengthen the bones, increase flexibility and, by doing so, protects us from injuries.

As yoga stretches the muscles and increases the range of motion, the more we practice yoga, the more our flexibility will be improved.

9. Heightens athletic performance

By making us more flexible, improving our balance, helping us with breathing techniques and strengthening our muscles, participating in regular yoga sessions can be an effective way to help athletes and sports men and women of almost every type of sport, improve their performance.

10. Perfects the posture

Every day our spines are put under pressure, and we’re usually not even aware of it! Poor posture can cause problems with the back, neck and other muscles and joints. The stretches we do during yoga sessions strengthens the spine and forces us to correct our alignment, improving our overall posture.

You don’t have to have been practicing yoga for too long until you start noticing the many benefits this effective form of exercise has on people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

Take advantage of the unbeatable all-round workout of yoga by joining in a yoga class at Sweat Studios. Get in touch with the Sweat team and find out more about our no-nonsense approach to this incredibly healthy form of exercise.  


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