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Meal Prep – easier than you think!

Meal Prep – easier than you think!

Preparing one’s meals ahead for the week is easier than one might think! We here at the Butterfly Factory believe in being prepared for the week ahead and by being prepared, you can be in control what you eat, and this will help you lose weight.

Every Sunday, my kitchen turns into meal prep central. I batch cook food for the week and have compartmentalised food trays for it all. On Saturday I flick through cook books I have (I have most of Joe Wicks’ books, Lucy Bee’s, few eBooks and good old Nigella) for ideas. I use an online meat delivery company to order a huge amount of meat that is delivered to my house (all vacuum packed and ready to freeze). On Saturday morning I make a shopping list and hit the shops. My big tip here is stick to the list and do not go shopping hungry! If you are hungry when you go shopping, you are more likely to buy rubbish!

When I have planned the meals, bought all the ingredients – it’s time to cook! I use the oven a lot. I lightly spray the foil before putting the meat in. I use spray oil as its easier not to over use it. Shops are becoming savvier about spray oils and you can get a variety now. Few years back this was not the case.

I cook my vegetables and whatever carbs I am having for the week. I favour sweet potato and broccoli. To mix my menus up, I chop up salad greens too.

For measures I use the following formula: fist size for fruit and veg; 2 fists for leafy greens; 1 palm size for lean protein; handful for whole grain, beans, legumes; thumb for good fats and thumb tip for butter or mayo if needed. Some people I know weight their food raw to keep on top of what they put on their bodies during the week.

Why do I meal prep? I find it easier to have something ready made within reach. This way I am not tempted by unhealthy choices at lunchtime. I have had my struggles with weight and looking back, I have done so many mistakes with food. I have gone shopping when hungry and the trolley has been filled with a lot of junk; at lunch times I used to get a quick crisp and chocolate fix before getting anything healthy.

Also, by meal prepping you are in control of the portion size. Many of us believe that you cannot eat too much healthy food – but you can! Some of the salads available for ‘healthy lunch’ are laden with carbs, dressings, fats and come in a family sized serving!

My top tips are for meal prep:

Plan your meals – think what you would like to eat for the next few days. You are planning for the next handful of days only!
Do not go shopping when hungry
Use your hand as a guide for portions
Add colours to your meals

If the above has not convinced you – think about the money you will save when not having to fork out for the lunches from the supermarkets!

If you have any questions, get in touch! Our Training for Warriors systems talks a lot about the importance of meal prep. If you want to lose fat, build muscle and feel good – why not come and give us try!

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