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Creating an eye catching social media feed with VSCO cam app

Creating an eye catching social media feed with VSCO cam app

| by Molly-Louise | Posted in Youth Journalism

Within social media platforms such as Instagram, maintaining a feed that is unique and eye catching is a competitive and forever changing task. However, a tool that has become timeless in it’s’ ability to create an exciting feed is filters. It is something that has been around since the earliest of Instagram’s days back when it started in 2010, and was where the filtered photos really begun. It is now something that continues to become a massive feature in every post. Whether it be a small sharpen and increased saturation on a photo or a real bold filter, it is something that every Instagrammer does nowadays.

However, finding an editing app that is actually effective is a different story; many have filters so similar they simply look the same, or they have not enough tools to create for that perfect filter on a perfect shot. But, from using so many filter apps over the years I finally found one that I believe is the most suited for those in touch with editing and posting. 

VSCO cam is an app that you can upload photos on and edit them in many ways, such as adding filters, adjusting the strength of those, and also features such as contrast, exposure, shadows, tint, fade and so much more. By being able to upload multiple photos to the app helps to create a ‘fake Instagram feed’ if you like, so you can see how the photos look together and if you don’t like one then it doesn’t matter you can just delete it, saves the sneaky deleting on your insta feed! To create an Instagram feed with the same filter each time, you can simply highlight a photo you have filtered simply by tapping it, then clicking the 3 dots at the bottom on the menu bar and clicking ‘ copy edits’ you can then select all of the unfiltered photos and ‘paste’ your desired filter onto them to help save time remembering the filter each time. There are also free in-app purchases you can make to get new filters, and also for those in need of a particular look, you can buy singular and bundles of filters so you can never run out of options.

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