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A new approach to life

A new approach to life

| by Kubra Ridgway | Posted in Milton Keynes News, Youth Journalism

Four years ago I became part of an amazing charity as a young team member only being 13 years of age. I am so proud and honoured to now have been given the role of a junior trustee. Looking back on the time I have spent with all the amazing people whose work is invaluable, I couldn’t have joined a better team. The amount of lives that The Henry Allen Trust has changed and still continue to change is indispensable.

Over these four years I have become a completely different person and for the better… I had a new approach to live.

I began to understand how important it was to ensure that everyone supports and understands The Henry Allen Trust and charities like them. My eyes were never open beforehand I believed it was something that didn’t happen very often and it wouldn’t happen to anyone that I knew… I was wrong. You realise how much it affects children and the people that surround them therefore our job is essential. It’s the little things in life that make a difference; when visiting the oncology wards on Christmas Day you realise how much of a difference you have made to their day. The children are so so grateful, just seeing their faces light up makes you realise how brave they are considering they are stuck in hospital on one of the most important days of the year for them.

None of what we do is done for recognition it’s done to raise awareness so that people know the symptoms for their child’s welfare. It’s also done to raise money so that as a charity we are able to continue making a difference and fulfilling the children’s wishes. It’s all about the children and their families:     

  • Providing treats and wishes to create special memories for families that have been or are still being affected by childhood cancer.
  • Providing support and advice for families battling childhood cancer.
  • Improving processes for oncology services within hospitals.   

Henry’s impact on this world has been everlasting and will continue to be as he loved making people happy and seeing them smile therefore to continue doing what we do is essential to ensure that Henry’s wish is fulfilled.

It’s sickening to think that:

  • Around 1,600 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed every year in the UK ages 0 to 14 this means that for every 500 children one will be diagnosed with some form of cancer by the time they’re 14. This may not seem like a lot but around 250 of them children lose their lives to childhood cancer every year in the UK.
  • 50 individuals aged 15-19 lose their lives every year from cancer that has been diagnosed before their 15th birthday.

That is why the Henry Allen Trust do what they do!


Kubra Ridgway – Denbigh School

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