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Category Archives: Guest Blog

Come along to our Charity Open Evening on Thursday March 15th. Book in for a 45 minute Sweat Hot Classic taster class – great for young and old, yoga newbie to expert. This super popular session is a complete head-to-toe workout inside and out. You’ll leave feeling great! The class...
How many of you heard or read this headline in the news this week? These news stories were the result of the publishing of the findings from this study: Effects of yoga interventions in heated and thermoneutral conditions on endothelium-dependent vasodilation: The Bikram Heart Study. So I needed a bit of...
If you’ve been following GG on any of their social media, or on the manager’s daily diary and company blog, you’ll know they have had lots of customer testimonials, over the years – three years, to be exact! Here’s a blog from the website :   This...
Preparing one’s meals ahead for the week is easier than one might think! We here at the Butterfly Factory believe in being prepared for the week ahead and by being prepared, you can be in control what you eat, and this will help you lose weight. Every Sunday, my kitchen turns into meal prep...
Ask people why they might consider doing yoga and the answer is often for flexibility gains. Few know that yoga is one of most effective workouts you can do to get and stay in shape. Here’s 5 reasons why yoga should be top of your list if you’re looking to slim down and tone up this...
Having a family photos shoot always seems like an amazing idea, you'll get memories to treasure forever and capture what your little cuties look like when, they're well, little and cute but then you realise, you're not the photo shoot type.  This is why you haven't had a shoot done...
We are share-crazy, so if you blog or write about Milton Keynes or live in Milton Keynes and run a blog, let us know and we will add your feed to Milton Keynes Newsie! If you would like to share Milton Keynes news, report a missing pet, post an event, or advertise on our site, contact us today!
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